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Nowadays, the management of libraries and documentation centers is much more than the provision of a catalog on the Web. A library management software should also allow libraries to promote their content, know their users and provide services that bring readers to the library by extending it beyond its physical space.

Koha is an open-source solution for integrated library management. This software consists of several modules supporting all the activities of a library: on-line catalog (OPAC), cataloging, authorities management, circulation, user management, acquisitions, periodicals, reporting, and administration.

Koha is translated in over 100 languages, and is implemented in more than 900 institutions around the world.




No licencing costs

Koha is an integrated management system for libraries based on open-source software, so there are no licensing costs. This constitutes a direct reduction in operational costs of library institutions.

Highly configurable

This solution enables the configuration of all its interfaces according to the design identity of the institution, define circulation rules, special user profiles, document types, labels and user cards configuration and printing, among other features.

Authorities management

The cataloguing module allows the librarian to easily and efficiently manage bibliographic and authority records. The authorities management feature controls the used terminology in what concerns authors, publishers, subjects, etc…

Reporting and statistics

This solution enables the creation and export of reports covering a wide range of indicators and statistics. The system is accompanied by a report wizard that simplifies the creation of reports by non-expert users.

Compatible with international standards

Koha is 100% compatible with common library international standards such as Z39.50, MARC21, UNIMARC, ISO 2709, UTF-8 and SIP/NCIP, RSS, tagging, RSS, comments, and more.


Koha is implemented in over 900 libraries worldwide. Among these are public libraries, academic, commercial and school libraries. Its high adoption encourages continuous improvement of the product and the development of new and exciting features, while guaranteeing a safe and permanent evolution.


Associated services

Next you will find a description of the services associated with this product. The services bellow should be selected according to the needs and requirements of the client.

Branding & design

This service encompasses the development of a design proposal to adapt the software to the graphical identity of the client institution. It also includes all the necessary work to implement the approved design in the software.

Installation & configuration

This service includes the analysis of requirements from the client, and the correct installation and configuration of the whole system in the production site, this being at the client location or in the cloud.


Training course for users of the product. The training will be given at the client’s location. Certificates of presence will be handed to every participant.

Data migration

This service entails the extraction, transformation and transference of data from legacy systems to the newly implemented system. Our data migration service follows a well-established methodology that ensures predictability and the success of the migration process.

Maintenance & support

This service encompasses the diagnosis and resolution of problems, user support, and changes to the system’s settings in order to cope with modifications in its execution environment. This process is in accordance with ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System.

Feature development

This service consists of the analysis and development of new software features in order to cope with additional client requirements, e.g. development of modules to interoperate with existing systems in the organisation.