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Pioneers in the creation of
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Digital preservation

Digital preservation encompasses all the activities that play a role in ensuring that digital information remains accessible through long periods of time. Authenticity is an important aspect of the entire process. We need information to be accessible but also to retain enough authenticity attributes to allow consumers of that information to be confident that it still captures the significant properties of the original message.

KEEP SOLUTIONS was a pioneer in the construction of scientific knowledge in the field of digital preservation. Its activity is not limited to the provision of products and services, but also to research and construction of a greater understanding of the phenomena that threatens the longevity of digital information and the development of adequate strategies to mitigate them.

Development of tools and services

KEEP SOLUTIONS participated in the development of some of the most relevant tools in the domain of digital preservation, having provided source code for products such as FITS, DSpace, RODA, among others.


Participation in European projects

KEEP SOLUTIONS actively participates in large-scale European projects, working side-by-side with the leading experts in the field. KEEP SOLUTIONS actively participated in projects such as SCAPE, 4C, E-ARK, and VeraPDF.


Participation in scientific events

Our employees have spoken at all major scientific events in the field of digital preservation, e.g. iPres, TPDL, ICADL, Open Repositories, DLM Forum, CBAD, CONFOA, among others.


Consulting on ISO 16363

The ISO 16363 standard combines a set of requirements that aim to measure the ability of a digital repository to store and ensure continued access to collections of digital materials.

The implementation of this standard promotes confidence among stakeholders (i.e. producers, consumers, administrators, etc.) because it establishes a climate of greater understanding and transparency regarding the processes that underline the management and preservation of digital information.

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Preservation of relational databases

Information systems that support important business activities will be eventually decommissioned.  However, information produced and/or managed by those system often continues to be relevant to the business or needs to be archived to comply with internal or legislative regulations.

KEEP SOLUTIONS provides tools capable of extracting information from relational databases with its respective conversion to standard platform-independent formats that ensure access to data dozens of years after a database has been decommissioned. We also provide tools for navigation, searching and visualisation of archived data.

Two open-source tools play an important role in this field, those being the Database Preservation Toolkit and the Database Visualisation Toolkit.

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Format characterization and analysis of preservation risks

It’s not uncommon for digital preservation managers to not knowing exactly the size and diversity of their digital content.

The lack of knowledge about the technical characteristics of the files that compose the repository introduces a high risk for the preservation of these materials. If we do not know exactly what the characteristics of these materials, it will not be possible to outline an appropriate preservation strategy that takes into consideration all the risks that are inherent to each format and define an action plan that is effective and adjusted to the real needs of the repository’s designated community.

KEEP SOLUTIONS offers characterization processes that cover the three activities that are intrinsic to format characterization: 1) Format identification, 2) Format validation (according to its specification), and 3) Extraction of technical properties.

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Large-scale format migration

Large-scale format migration

The vast majority of information management systems do not enforce restrictions on the file formats they are able to incorporate. This aspect, coupled with the absence of adequate format policies, inevitably leads to a situation where the variability of formats is so large that it becomes practically impossible, from a technical and/or financial point of view, to ensure continued access to those contents.

KEEP SOLUTIONS offers a format conversion/normalization service capable of integrating with any existing system in your organization. The system is supported by Web Services so it can be easily invoked by existing systems. Its expansion mode is based on add-ons, allowing it to quickly adapt to new customer’s needs and requirements.

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