Our employees are
our most valuable resource

Working with us

Our employees are our most valuable resource. This is why we value all our employees and strive to implement a rigorous recruitment process that not only aims to find the most skilled person for the job, but also one that will integrate well within our culture.

We want people to feel motivated and satisfied. This creates dynamic work teams where cooperation is part of the modus operandi. We offer a work context that promotes individual initiative and innovation. We provide conditions for personal development and career advancement. We encourage the development of new skills in order to keep people valued, motivated and prepared for any promotion process.

We have a rigorous recruitment process to select the people who best fit the requirements of every job opportunity. The process aims to align the expectations of the candidates with those of the company in order for them to feel highly satisfied and comfortable in the performance of their duties. For us, all candidates have values. We select those who have their values more aligned with the company’s culture.

Why us?

Because we value human resources to the fullest, we try to offer the best conditions to make people feel valued, motivated and fulfilled. In addition, we continually promote opportunities for career advancement in a context where work can be reconciled with family and personal life.


As we aim to have motivated and fulfilled people in our staff, the company provides employees a set of benefits complementary to their wage. Among these, the following stand out:

  • Sharing of profits by company employees
  • Health insurance for all employees
  • Compensations per night-out during missions
  • Performance recognition awards

In addition, the company has a flexible work schedule that allows employees to combine their personal and family life with their work life.

Job opportunities

Currently, we don’t have any job opportunity open.