Data migration

The data migration service consists of the process of extracting information from a legacy system, and prepare it in every way necessary to be able to ingest it in a newly implemented IT architecture.

Data migration is a vital process in any organization that wishes to upgrade their IT services and infrastructure. Differences between the legacy system and the newly adopted platform may require the intervention from IT specialists in order to make sure that the process is run with little or no loss of vital information. This procedure has a high impact in your business continuity and should be handled by experienced professionals.

KEEP SOLUTIONS provides a specialized data migration service from any data source (e.g. Access, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Excel, Word, ARQBASE. CALM, XML, etc.) to any newly adopted system or platform.

Our experience accumulated in previously successful data migration projects involving millions of records make KEEP SOLUTIONS a reference in this type of operations.

Migration methodology

Over the years, KEEP SOLUTIONS has developed a sound methodology for systems migration that has shown to be extremely successful in both simple and complex migration projects. The methodology is composed of 7 steps, each of these being composed by a combination of activities (that may or may not be included depending on the complexity and budget of the migration project).


For more information regarding KEEP SOLUTIONS’ methodology for legacy systems migration consult the papers published at Congresso da Associação Portuguesa de Bibliotecários, Arquivistas e Documentalistas, 2012 and International Conference Archiving 2013.

Migrations to Koha 3.x from

    • Ex Libris Aleph
    • Innovative Interfaces Millenium ILS
    • Libware GiB
    • Bibliosoft Biblio.BASE
    • DID DocBase
    • Mind Porbase

Migrations to Archeevo 3.x from

    • SHP InfoGest/ArqGest, ArqInt or ArqHist
    • DigitArq 1, 2 or 3
    • ICA Atom
    • Axiell Calm for archives
    • Arqbase Calm for archives
    • Unesco CDS/ISIS

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