Translation to the new Orthographic agreement

The Translation to the new orthography service enables the conversion of high volumes of text to the new standard spelling. This includes translating large volumes of information stored in databases, Web sites, text files, and other file formats.

The Portuguese Language Orthographic Agreement is officially in place since 2009 in Portugal and Brazil. This agreement must be adopted by all public organizations from January 1st 2012.

Have you ever imagined having to update your website and databases containing millions of lines of text, hundreds of pages and tens of thousands of records to comply with the new spelling agreement? Do you realize that in a few years, users will not be able to find information in your data sources due to language inconsistences between the text queried and the text stored on your data databases?

The time required to translate large amounts of information is a problem and an impediment to public institutions and other organizations. This service provided by KEEP SOLUTIONS solves of these problems in a automatic and secure way.

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