& development


KEEP SOLUTIONS was born from a research platform at the University of Minho and since then it has been active in the production of scientific knowledge, having participated in projects with national and international institutions such as the Technical University of Vienna, the Austrian Institute of Technology, the Microsoft Research, the Technical University of Berlin, the University of Manchester, the University Pierre and Marie Curie, the British Library, the Austrian National Library, the National Library of Denmark, the Portuguese National Archives, among others.

Participation in research projects

KEEP SOLUTIONS has participated in several national and international research projects. Among these, we would like to highlight the following: SCAPE, 4C, E-ARK and VeraPDF.


Participation in scientific events

Our employees have spoken at all major scientific events in the field of digital preservation, e.g. iPres, TPDL, ICADL, Open Repositories, DLM Forum, CBAD, CONFOA, among others.


Development of open-source tools

KEEP SOLUTIONS participates actively in the development of open-source products, having contributed with source-code for products such as DSpace, FITS, RODA, Koha, among others.


Development of custom solutions

The development of custom solutions is one of our main activities. We are specialised in the development solutions for information management, data migration, systems integration, and digital preservation.

Customised development is a process of great responsibility. We ensure that the best management practices are followed and that technologies used are perfectly aligned with the state of the art. This enables the process to be more efficient and enhances the quality of the final product, e.g. compatibility with standards, usability, interoperability, etc.

Data migration

Data migration process

Data migration is a vital service in the context of any business activity. This service includes the extraction of information from legacy systems, its transformation and subsequent ingest into the systems that will replace them.

Based on the accumulated experience of hundreds of data migration projects, KEEP SOLUTIONS has developed a migration methodology that ensures all migration processes are conducted in a predictable way and with a high level of quality.

For more information on the methodology developed by KEEP SOLUTIONS, see the article published at the Archiving 2013 International Conference