Digitisation is a process that consists of the conversion of information from a physical medium to a digital format. Typically, it consists of the conversion of paper documents into digital images but can also include the conversion of other types of material such as video or audio.

Digitising documents generally satisfies the following objectives:

  • It facilitates access to information through the delivery of digital representations over a network;
  • It preserves original documents by reducing their direct handling by readers, as they can be consulted in digital form.

Specialised partners

KEEP SOLUTIONS’s cooperates with highly specialised partners, experts in large-sized digitisation projects. A typical project includes a diagnosis of the documentation, scanning of the materials, and the technical counselling for a smooth integration of the results of the digitisation process into a document management software. This cooperation ensures the perfect alignment between the dematerialisation workflow and the integration of those results into KEEP SOLUTIONS’ software.

Methods, procedures, equipment and materials used in the delivery of the digitisation service are subject to a strict set of requirements that cover areas such as safeguarding the intellectual and physical integrity of the original documents, the speed and security of the entire process, the faithfulness of the reproductions, compliance with international standards that regulate document reproduction equipment, materials and procedures, and the quality control of the entire process.

Technology partners

Our digitisation service is provided by specialised partners:

Validation of digitisation projects

Digitisation projects can involve thousands of items, hundreds of terabytes of information, and thousands of euros of investment. In projects of this magnitude, errors and/or omissions can frequently occur. Quality control is essential to ensure that all the defined requirements and specifications are being followed by those who are carrying out the digitisation activities, whether they are internal staff or external suppliers.

KEEP SOLUTIONS provides a quality assurance and validation service that aims to ensure that all  project requirements are being met. Our quality control process is able to verify the following situations: 1) the validation of formats according to their specification, 2) validation of technical characteristics of resulting files (i.e., resolution, colour scheme, compression, etc.), 3) validation of descriptive metadata (i.e., completeness of the descriptive metadata), 4) detection of duplicated pages, 5) detection of blank pages, 6) quantification of items and determining completeness.

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