Information system

for managing archeological excavations

Alcaide is a software that aims to help managers and technicians to collect and organize information produced during an archaeological excavation project.

The solution is based on sound archaeological practices, tested in the field and based on international standards.

The software mirrors the natural workflow of archaeological activities and uses standardized terminology to describe each piece of information. The application allows users to record information with the level of detail that a research excavation demands, but also maintaining the speed that an excavation in the context of a construction site requires.

Planta de sector

Information always safe and always available

Regardless of how Alcaide is used, the data collected is quickly dispatched out of the working environment to avoid losses of information due to device failure or damage caused by accident.

All the data inserted is available online and can be be consulted in real time by all users, including excavation managers, being them on the excavation site or in their office.

The solution is based on sound archaeological practices, tested in the field and based on international standards.

Developed alongside archaeologists

The software was developed alongside archaeologists from several countries taking advantage of their knowledge and expertise of the fieldwork to better identify the processes and optimize the software to make sure data input and consultation is done as easily as possible.

Matriz de Harris

Alcaide advantages

01. Complete record of daily activities

Alcaide allows users to record and access the daily excavation journals. That way it is possible to know who did what, when and where. This information is immediately available to the excavation manager, enabling her to produce sector journals and other essential managing reports by simply clicking a button.

02. Automatic generation of site plans and Harris matrices

Alcaide uses various visual metaphors to represent the excavation area, including the presentation of squares and their stratigraphic units. That way it is possible to have an overview of the dig and the dimensions of the archaeological site.
Alcaide also generates Harris Matrices automatically, enabling everyone to understand it perfectly.

03. Support for Munsell colour system

Alcaide ensures that different stages of the archaeological research are carried out according to a well-established workflow that is both practical and efficient. The application uses standard and precise terminology to make sure that all users speak the same “language”.
The software simplifies the introduction of data by means of controlled vocabularies that promote the use of best practices.

04. Real time reports

Alcaide’s reporting capabilities are exceptional! The system implements a set of reports that reflect the most demanding reporting needs.
The excavation manager may at any given time issue site, sector and square journal reports. It can also produce sector, stratigraphic unit, bag, artefact, sector plan, Harris matrix, financial reports and campaign statistics.

05. Task optimisation

Because all the information is introduced in a distributed way across the various excavation participants, gathering information and subsequent reporting is immeasurably simpler and faster.
The system enables each user to perform the operations appropriate to their activity profile, allowing the registration of information to be a collaborative activity with the contribution from all professionals.

06. Easily find relevant information

A specific item can be stored in a bag out of hundreds. Finding information is sometimes a lengthy and complex process.
In Alcaide, users can find items by simply searching for pieces of information. The system will find the required information wherever it is stored, regardless of their type or excavation project.