Press kit

The press kits provided herein are intended to facilitate the obtaining of information about our company, our products and areas of expertise by the media. The kits are divided by area of ​​interest.

  • Spin-off of the University of Minho
  • Founded in 2008
  • Placed in Braga a few meters from the University of Minho
  • Consisting of 9 employees (20% PhDs, 40% masters, 10% PhD students, 10% Master students, 20% of engineers)
  • Over 10 years of experience in the area of ​​digital preservation (prior to the establishment of the company), and pioneers in digital preservation in Portugal
  • Supervises between 1 and 3 masters students per year
  • Works with open-source projects, in order to foster the development and research, giving back to the community
  • Participates in international research projects in the order of €10M
  • Currently hosts 1 PhD student
  • CEO: Miguel Ferreira, PhD.



KEEP SOLUTIONS is a Portuguese company that provides advanced services for managing and preserving digital information. The company initiated its activity in 2008 and attained the status of spin-off of the University of Minho for being an enterprise that maintains close ties to research centres and departments of this university.

KEEP SOLUTIONS provides a wide range of products and services to support the creation of digital archives/repositories, museums and libraries. Its main services consist of design and development of information management systems, consulting, research, and training. Its main clients are located in the public and educational sectors, e.g. ministries, archives, museums, institutes, military, local government, academic institutions, and foundations.

KEEP SOLUTIONS carries out research in close collaboration with national and international organizations such as the Technical University of Vienna, the Austrian Institute of Technology, Microsoft Research, the Technical University of Berlin, The University of Manchester, University Pierre and Marie Curie, the British Library, the Austrian National Library, the Danish National Library, the Portuguese National Archives, among others.

Its staff, although small in numbers, reveals elements with a high level of education and high percentage of doctorates and masters (20% PhDs, 40% masters, 10% PhD students, 10% Master students, 20% of engineers). The cooperative relationship between the company and the University of Minho remains active with the KEEP SOLUTIONS supervising every year several Master degree projects. The company was recently awarded by the School of Engineering of this University by its continued support to education and research.

Despite the recent existence and the number of employees in the team is not being very high (only 9), KEEP SOLUTIONS has already achieved a leading position in the Portuguese market in the field of archives, supporting the entire network of national and regional archives the archives of the Ministry of Economy and employment, as well as the Secretary of State for Public Works, Transport and Communications, and various municipal archives. KEEP SOLUTIONS also provides services to several universities, institutes, museums and libraries. KEEP SOLUTIONS developed the first national portals for open access information retrieval – Portal Português de Arquivos and the Scientific Open Access Repository of Portugal (RCAAP) – thus contributing to scientific research in general.

The dedication, capacity and quality of scientific work in KEEP SOLUTIONS is internationally recognized, as evidenced by the international research projects in which the company is involved.

In 2011, the SCAPE project (Scalable Preservation Environments) began, which focuses on digital preservation of large volumes of data, and it involves as partners organizations such as national libraries of England , Netherlands, Austria and Denmark, and the universities of Manchester, Berlin, Vienna and Paris. The only industrial partners of this consortium are ExLibris, Microsoft Research and KEEP SOLUTIONS. The SCAPE project was funded by the EU 7th Framework Programme with a budget of over € 8.5 million. KEEP SOLUTIONS is the leader of an entire subproject and of two work packages, being directly responsible for roughly 10% of the project.

In 2012 the 4C project (Collaboration to Clarify the Costs of Curation) was approved. This project is centred on researching new cost models for digital preservation. It involves partners of high cultural and scientific significance, such as the Institute of Engineering System and Computers (INESC), the National Library of Germany; Universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and Essex, the National Archives of Denmark, the Digital Preservation Coalition, among others. The 4C project is funded by the EU 7th Framework Programme with a budget of roughly 1.5 million.

In short, KEEP SOLUTIONS distinguishes itself in the market through innovation and quality of service, research work, contribution to open source, scientific publications.