Information Security Management System

The company considers that one of the most important assets in its business is the information that it collects, processes and archives as part of its ongoing activities. This is particularly relevant in the context of our “Maintenance & support” process where highly confidential information is exchanged between the customer and the company.

As an international standard, ISO 27001 will allow our organization to work more efficiently with international partners by sharing a common language, lowering cross-cultural barriers and increasing trust. By following this standard, KEEP SOLUTIONS wants to insure its customers and partners that the information managed in its internal processes complies with following principles:


To protect and preserve the confidentiality of information
 means to ensure that it is not made available or disclosed to unauthorized entities. In this context, entities include 
both individuals and processes;


To preserve the integrity of information means to protect 
the accuracy and completeness of information and the
 methods that are used to process and manage it;


An asset is available if it is accessible and usable when
 needed by an authorized entity. In the context of this 
standard, assets include things like information, systems, facilities, networks, and computers.