Educational partnerships

At KEEP SOLUTIONS we truly believe the future lies in education. We also believe that education should be complete, market-oriented, and most of all, accessible to everyone. Because we believe in these principles, we created a educational partnership program that gives students access to the latest developments made by KEEP SOLUTIONS.  


    • Capacity to experience and learn from the software developed by KEEP SOLUTIONS;
    • Access to the latest versions of the software;
    • A three-hour training session to the students and teachers of the educational institution;
    • Access to all information created by the student(s);
    • Ability to publish online content produced by students and teachers;


    • Belong to an educational institution;
    • Use the software for educational purposes only (Ph.D. projects are also eligeble);
    • Integrate in your educational programs exercises about the software so that students may have a direct contact with the software;
    • Authorize KEEP SOLUTIONS to use the name of the educational institution for statistical, communication or marketing purposes.


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