KEEP SOLUTIONS is a European company that provides advanced services for managing and preserving digital information. The company initiated its activity in 2008 and attained the status of spin-off of the University of Minho for being an enterprise that maintains close ties to research centers and departments of this university.

KEEP SOLUTIONS provides a wide range of products and services to support the creation of digital archives/repositories, museums and libraries. Its main services consist of design and development of information management systems, consulting, research, and training. Its main clients are located in the public and educational sectors, e.g. ministries, archives, museums, institutes, military, local government, academic institutions, and foundations.

KEEP SOLUTIONS carries out research in close collaboration with national and international organizations such as the Technical University of Vienna, the Austrian Institute of Technology, Microsoft Research, the Technical University of Berlin, The University of Manchester, University Pierre and Marie Curie, the British Library, the Austrian National Library, the Danish National Library, the Portuguese National Archives, Danish National Archives, among others.

The work carried out at KEEP SOLUTIONS is supported by the following values:


Quality of service

At KEEP, the customer always comes first. Our management system ensures maximum customer satisfaction through a policy of continuous improvement, constantly striving to optimize processes and eliminate potential points of failure that may lead to client dissatisfaction.


At KEEP we advocate a policy of full transparency in relation to our processes, services, and methods of operation. An example of this value at work is visible in the way we act and communicate. We always use a straight and clear language so that the message we are trying to pass can be understood by everyone.

Scientific and technical excellence

Our staff is made exclusively by graduated employees with an average age below 30 years. Being excellent is a requirement to work in KEEP. We seek to promote a culture of lifelong learning, as evidenced by the number of employees who participate in research projects, master’s and doctoral programs.

Creativity and innovation

Creativity and innovation are part of the company DNA. We have an innovation department responsible for capturing internal knowledge and manage external sources of relevant information. We ensure knowledge is spread quickly and effectively through all employees. The creation of ideas and design of new products are made in formal meetings where everyone is encouraged to participate.