We ensure that current information remains accessible to future generations

About us

KEEP SOLUTIONS is a company whose mission is to provide advanced solutions for information management and digital preservation.

Our approach consists in providing software and services to allow our customers to make a more efficient management of their information assets.

The company started its activity in 2008, having acquired the status of academic spin-off of the University of Minho, for being a business initiative with strong bonds with research centres and departments from this institution.

Our clients are mostly found in the public sector, more specifically in the areas related to archives, libraries and museums.

We invest in the continuous development of innovative solutions. To support that, we remain active in the production of scientific knowledge while engaging in large-scale R&D projects in cooperation with national and international institutions.

Quality of service

The customer always come first. Our management system promotes the maximization of client’s satisfaction through the continuous improvement of our processes and procedures and the eliminations of potential points of failure that might result in client’s dissatisfaction.


We favor a posture of total transparency regarding our procedures, services and working methods. This is especially true in the way we make business and communicate with partners and clients. We always try to use clear language that is easy to understand, without using expendable abbreviations and loanwords.

Technical and scientific excellency

The excellency of our employees has always been a priority. This is something that begins in the recruitment process. At the same time, we promote the development of the skills of our employees, which enables them to grow as professionals and individuals. A proof of this is the large number of employees that have been participating in international research projects, masters and doctorate programmes.

Creativity & innovation

We possess an innovation department responsible for the capture and management of internal knowledge. We favor the fast and effective dissemination of that knowledge so that our employees remain in permanent evolution. All of our employees are encouraged to suggest any improvements to our procedures, products and services so that, collectively, we can grow faster.

Quality management

In 2011, we implemented a Quality Management System with the main objective of maximizing the satisfaction of our clients and of those who have a relationship established with the company (i.e., employees, suppliers, investors, etc.). In 2016, we obtained a Quality certificate according to the ISO 9001.

Information security management

We consider that one of our most valuable assets in our business is the information we gather, process and transmit. We consider that the protection of this asset is a fundamental activity, therefore, we have established internal policies and procedures to mitigate any risk that may jeopardize the availability, integrity and confidentiality of that information.

Innovation management

KEEP SOLUTIONS was born within the University of Minho, so research and innovation is part of the company’s DNA. We seek to expand the borders of knowledge in each project we initiate, we continuously encourage the creativity and the constructive attitude of our staff, and we promote the public access to results of scientific research, as we are confident that these are fundamental pillars for the development of our company and society as a whole.

Social responsibility

To ensure that the information produced today remains accessible to future generations is a mission that we take very seriously. Our solutions aim to assist our clients in the pursuit of this goal.

In the course of our activity we seek to follow a social responsibility policy from which we would like to highlight the following initiatives:

  • We promote the creation of educational partnerships to ensure that college students have prime access to our products, free for them and their education institutions;
  • We assist non-profit organisations through special conditions of access to our solutions;
  • We support cultural events, such as conferences, congresses, workshops, professional meetings, among others;
  • We support the Open Source cause by contributing with code for open source projects and by being active members of the Associação de Empresas de software Open Source Portuguesas (ESOP);
  • We support the Open Access cause in promoting the free access to scientific research and by publishing in open access repositories;
  • On a daily basis, we seek to reduce our ecological footprint, as well as the one of our clients, through the development of solutions that eliminate or reduce the use of paper in organizations;
  • We offer to our employees working conditions that promote a greater harmony in the relationship between work and their personal life;
  • We financially support sports clubs located in our regional area.
  • We bet on energy efficiency aspects in our facilities;
  • We welcome students to undertake their masters dissertations in a business environment, an activity for which we were distinguished by the University of Minho due to the continuous and fruitful collaboration maintained with its Department of Informatics.