The Museum Management software in the Cloud (Software as a Service) allows the customer to benefit from all the advantages of a cloud service without giving up what is really important – the features offered by the software.

This service is supported by MUSEO software and includes all functionalities necessary for the efficient and flexible management of museum collections. This service comes preconfigured with semantic units for asset management, recordkeeping and bibliographic items. The manager of the museum can still add new semantic units, add or remove descriptive fields and manage relationships between all these units.

The system also supports management of digital objects which can be easily associated with any type of semantic unit.

In the Software as a Service model, the customer does not need to host their own servers or deal with software licensing. The customer only pays for what he/she uses. This service does not restrict the number of users or requires the installation of software on the customer’s computers. All operations are entirely performed via a Web browser.


Commercial conditions

    • Loyalty period of 12 months
    • Save 20% on 3-year contracts


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    • Training (remote or face-to-face)
    • Migration of legacy data

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