Software as a service, or SaaS, is a recent form of software distribution. In this model, the software provider, is responsible for ensuring that the necessary infrastructure (servers, connectivity, backups, safety precautions, maintenance, etc…) are properly secured. The customer only focuses on the software, paying a fixed amount in return for its use.

What are the main advantages of SaaS?

Compared with the traditional model of software distribution, in which the customer acquires a license to use and takes responsibility for managing the infrastructure and maintenance of the system, the Software as a Service (SaaS) model offers the following set of advantages:

No need to own an infrastructure

The infrastructure is managed by the software provider.

SaaS does not require the customer to have an installed infrastructure (e.g. operating systems, servers, network, electrical systems, cooling, security, etc…) or to even have a specialised technical team to support it .

No storage limitation

The infrastructure is “elastic” allowing resources to be added as needed.

The customer does not need to worry about storage space. The information will always be readily available, and replicated in multiple geographic points, and if you need more capacity, that can be arranged at any time without hindering service availability.

Low entry cost

The customer pays only for what he uses.

SaaS does not require a large initial investment, it allows a gradual implementation approach where the customer may hire a small set of functionalities and expand them as the actual need arises.

Continuous innovation

The customer will never have to install software on his computer.

Instead of traditional software updates performed several times a year, SaaS solutions can be improved and updated in shorter periods of time, in a continuous, clear and secure way for the customer.

Reliability tailored for you

The service does not depend on a single server, so that in case of failure, access is never compromised.

Depending on your requirements, the service may be provided by a set of servers so that the service availability will never be compromised in case of server failure. In the cloud, adding more servers to improve availability or performance does not affect service availability. Just ask and we’ll do rest!

Mobility and high availability

The software is everywhere and anytime
With SaaS is possible to access the software from any place, you only need a browser and an Internet connection. The software is compatible with any operating system and is available on-line 24/7.


Still not convinced?

Software as a Service is characterised as having a rapid setup so that the software can be quickly used and integrated into the work processes of the customer.

The time savings are huge when compared to traditional forms of procurement and implementation of software. After purchasing the service, the use of the software by the customer will not take more than a few days (or hours, depending of the service). Recall that in the case of traditional software acquisitions generally the client only starts using the software a few months after its acquisition, since there is usually need to procure hardware, schedule visits to the client, configure the system, technical and form users, etc…

By transferring the management of the support infrastructure (hardware, software, networking, security, cooling, backups, etc…) to the software provider, customers are free to focus on the operational aspects of their business processes. SaaS comes as a form of outsourcing of IT which generally are costly activities within an organisation and does not provide added value for their business.

What cloud infrastructure does KEEP SOLUTIONS uses?

The KEEP SOLUTIONS evaluated the most respected infrastructure providers operating in the market today and selected only the best.

The services provided by KEEP SOLUTIONS are supported by virtualized, scalable, secure and equipped with redundancy to ensure maximum availability of our services infrastructure.


The Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a service that provides infrastructure with processing capacity and adjustable to the needs storage.
The Amazon EC2 offers an extraordinary set of features that allow you to configure and monitor all aspects of the server and the rest supporting infrastructure. Among these we highlight the following:

    • 99.95% availability
    • Capacity for expansion
    • Geographically distributed replication (i.e. backups)
    • ISO / IEC 27001(Information Security Management) certification
    • Data centres located in the US or Ireland

The SmartCloudPT Data Centre opened in September 2013 at Covilhã, Portugal. The Covilhã Data Centre is internationally certified by the Uptime Institute as a Tier III certification that emphasises its high level of performance, security and availability. The new data centre in Covilhã provides a set of features, between which we would like to highlight the following:

    • 99.95% availability
    • Limited to 2 CPU and 4GB memory, 120GB storage
    • 12 month loyalty
    • Backups
    • ISO / IEC 27001(Information Security Management) certification
    • Data centre located in Portugal


What services are available in SaaS mode?