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KEEP SOLUTIONS launches RODA 3 on World Digital Preservation Day

2018-11-29 No Comments

Today we celebrate the World Digital Preservation Day. This day is celebrated annually on the last Thursday of November and aims to raise awareness of the general population regarding the risks of technological obsolescence in continuous access to digital information.

Since its inception, KEEP SOLUTIONS has been a pioneer in the development of tools and scientific knowledge in the area of digital preservation. We join the celebration by releasing RODA 3.

What is Digital Preservation?
Digital preservation encompasses all sorts of activities that play a role in ensuring that digital information remains accessible throughout long periods of time. Authenticity is an important aspect of the entire process. We need information to be accessible but also to retain enough properties to ensure consumers that the information has not been tampered with.

What is RODA?
RODA is a digital repository, developed by KEEP SOLUTIONS in cooperation with the General-Directorate of Book, Archives and Libraries (DGLAB), capable of incorporating, preserving and providing access to all types of digital material produced by large public or private organizations. Its features cover all functional areas of the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) reference model, allowing stored information to remain authentic and accessible over time.

The main improvements introduced in RODA 3 are:

• New user interface for enhanced usability
• Native support for representation information management
• Search in all repository pages (e.g., intellectual entities, ingestion processes, preservation processes, preservation events, users / groups, etc.)
• New visual metaphors for the state of processes including the ability to pause them
• Background execution of time-consuming tasks
• New PDF viewer
• Read Only mode for operation in clustered environments (high performance and high availability)
• New indexing engine, faster in contexts in the hundreds of millions of records
• Bug fixes and improvements in security and stability

Who uses RODA?
There are several national and international institutions using RODA to manage, store and preserve their information, namely the European Publications Office, Portuguese National Archive, University of Minho, among others.

RODA and the eArchiving Building Block
The eArchiving Building Block is a service of European Commission that aims to build the capacity to implement digital archiving and preservation strategies in a sustainable, authentic, economic and interoperable way in all member countries, providing specifications, software and training services and helpdesk.
The Building Blocks aims to promote emerging and relevant technologies to the Digital Single Market and are managed by the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF).
RODA 3 is part of the software portfolio that implements the specifications and requirements defined by the eArchiving Building Block, being a pioneer tool in the adoption and promotion of good practices in digital preservation in Europe.

KEEP SOLUTIONS is a company that provides advanced solutions for management and preservation of information. Being active in the production of scientific knowledge, we will continue to pave the way and work continuously to improve our products and services, while remaining committed in pursuit of our mission: “Ensuring that the information produced today remains accessible to future generations“.

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